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Excess properties present unique problems and challenges to companies of all sizes.  Absent the normal traffic of employees and customers, issues at vacant sites arise quickly and balloon rapidly if they go unattended.  Whether your company has 5 or 500 excess sites, you understand how time-consuming and demanding managing non-core properties can be.


The Excess Property Group (TXPG) provides excess and non-core real estate management services for clients nationwide.  We allow you and your real estate team to focus on the core properties that are vital to your company without the distraction of the unique challenges that are associated with excess properties. We ensure that excess properties are given the attention they need and are not left to drain cash or decrease in value.  At TXPG, our specialty is non-core properties.  We take pride in putting all of our time and energy into managing excess properties.  We do it all day, every day, and we are very good at it.

Expertise in idle site Leader in Vacant Property Management
Vacant Buildings and Land


Without a pro-active approach to maintenance, unoccupied sites deteriorate rapidly. These properties are ripe for vandalism, trash dumping, and vagrancy resulting in increased liability and code violations. ​Let TXPG show you how we can eliminate these problems.  We can reduce your costs, exposure, and potential damage to your company's image while ensuring your excess sites remain well positioned for sale or lease.


Tenanted Site Support


Is your company really equipped to be a landlord?  Are rent billings and collections, and tenant management keeping you from dedicating your full attention to development and management of core operating properties?​ Let TXPG show you how we can eliminate tenant management headaches, minimize your liability, reduce costs, and increase revenues.

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