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Our Services

TXPG offers a wide range of options enabling us to design a suite of services custom tailored to meet your specific site management needs and budget.  


Services include:

































The services listed above are just some of the common issues that arise with non-core properties.  TXPG is regularly presented with the complex challenges of excess real estate.  We take great pride in our commitment to resolving these issues as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. 


CLICK HERE for a recent example of how TXPG turned a client's property from a liability into an asset.

Site Security

  • Lock Changes and Lockbox Installation

  • Window and Door Boarding

  • Remote Monitoring with Alarm and Video

  • Site Gates and Fencing Installation


Prevention, Repair and Restoration

  • Vagrant/Homeless Inhabitation

  • Vandalism and Graffiti Cleanup

  • Theft Prevention

  • Trash Dumping

  • Illegal Use (Parking, Recreation)

  • Leaks and Building Envelope Issues

  • Municipal Code Enforcement Issues

  • Break-Ins


Municipal Abatements and Cost Reduction


Periodic Maintenance

  • Lawn and Landscape Maintenance

  • Snow and Ice Removal

  • Inspections


Site Posting

  • Management Signage – 24x7 Toll Free

  • No Trespassing Notices


Visit Verification with Date and Time Stamps


Site Transition Services

  • Site De-branding and Demolition

  • Utility Shut-off

  • Disposition – Broker Coordination and Support

  • Pre-Sale and Pre-Lease End Inspections


Utility Services

  • Cost Control

  • Bill Payment

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