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Case Study
The Challenge:

An excess site of a Fortune 100 client, located in a major east coast city, had been vacant for some time. Weather and time had taken their toll on the façade of the building and the surrounding block. Spearheaded by the city’s Downtown Partnership, developers convinced the city to enforce revitalizing the area to match the rising residential and commercial demand.  As a result, the local Housing Authority and Code Enforcement began taking stronger stands against empty sites. This property was one that was found to be in violation of the city’s codes, and a total façade rejuvenation was mandated by the city for completion within thirty days’ time.


The Excess Property Group's Response:

The extreme time constraint meant that TXPG had to work quickly to get the renovation team in place and begin work. The age of the building and its façade work became the largest issue and a potentially significant liability due to the likely presence of lead paint. Through our established vendor network, TXPG was able to swiftly deploy both an industrial hygienist and a construction contractor to work in unison to identify the presence of lead based paint and develop a scope of work to address the proper removal, repainting, and repointing of the building façade. As a result of TXPG's quick response, on‐going communications and consistent attention to detail, The City's Code Enforcement Division removed the mandated time constraint. This allowed for more in‐depth testing to minimize environmental liabilities to our client. A scope of work was developed in accordance with EPA and state DEP practices for safe handling and worker practices with hazardous material to ensure that the renovation was completed in a safe, timely, and cost-effective manner.


The Success:

Armed with lab results, a detailed work scope, and the newfound goodwill of Code Enforcement, TXPG began the process of applying for a grant with city’s Downtown Partnership, who had reached out on behalf of the Mayor’s office due to the responsiveness of TXPG. It was suggested that our client take part in the Façade Improvement Program.  After several months navigating the application process with the Downtown Partnership, TXPG’s package was put in front of the Review Committee. The extensive package included the applications, scope of work, itemized budget breakdowns, contractor and client liability insurance & letters of credit, property deeds, new paint samples, lead paint testing results, and inspection photos.


The thoroughness of the research and data collection that went into the package earned immediate verbal approval with the condition that TXPG had to incorporate committee suggestions on additional façade aesthetics into the existing scope and itemized budgets in order to receive definitive final approval. The successful end result was a full $10,000.00 grant from the Downtown Partnership to be applied to the project, which was completed to client and city satisfaction in April 2013.


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