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Tenant Support

Not all excess real estate is vacant.  Not all excess real estate should be vacant.
Often times, our clients' sites have tenants, but few of our clients are in the business of being landlords.  As a result, they aren't very good landlords and lots of money is lost, or left on the table.  And, they're hesitant to take on more tenants.
Being a commercial landlord means finding tenants, negotiating leases, tending to rent collections, COL rent increases, % rents, monitoring liability insurance certificates, CAM reconciliation, lease disputes, renewals and options, maintenance......the list goes on and on.  To do it well, it takes focus.  At TXPG - we focus.

To take the first, confidential, obligation-free, step to learning what TXPG​ can do for you, simply contact us by clicking here.​​​
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